A leading diagnostics laboratory company had been hand-applying trace and compliance labels to their test kit pouches and boxes for years before they found PouchMark.


After the global pandemic, the demand for home and clinic-based test kits surged. This had the impact of creating outsized demand not only for COVID test kits, but countless others as well, as self-care and health awareness spiked worldwide.


A leader in this market suddenly found itself with quadruple the demand for kits, each of which required an astounding SIX individual labels be applied by hand.  Compliance required GS1 DataMatrix codes, dates and locations of manufacture, content expiration dates, et al. The drain on financial and human resources was extreme.


When they saw PouchMark at the annual AACC show, demonstrating its FLOW 2000 flat pouch and box feeding and printing system, it was love at first sight. Printing even very small, condensed templates of 2D barcodes and information in the same target area on boxes and pouches is no challenge for the FLOW 2000.


With the most advanced cannabis pouch-feeding options on the market, and an on-demand print technology that rivals pre-printed quality, PouchMark provided this cannabis leader with four FLOW systems to initiate their move away from pouch labels.


Dozens of diagnostics companies around the world now depend on the PouchMark FLOW 2000 to print variable tracing and diagnostics information directly to kit pouches and boxes, leaving these vital companies more time and money to spend on research and development.


Eliminate the label with direct-to-pouch variable printing


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