An independent coffee roaster and retailer was frustrated by the number of different coffee bag and pouch labels they needed to purchase as their business grew.


Generally speaking, there have been just two ways to get variable information (like “Roasted On” dates or bean varieties) on coffee bags. First, using in-line form, fill and seal packaging machines with integrated coders (like FlexPackPRO TTO printers). These are very expensive and are geared toward larger manufacturers. The other option is to preprint and hand-apply labels. This is what the majority of coffee roasters and retailers in the U.S. are forced to do each day.


One such company decided to preprint their 12oz, 1lb and 5lb coffee bags with their colorful, distinct graphics and company branding, leaving spaces open to apply labels with the specific coffee roast names as well as freshness dates. But there was a problem – labels were expensive, time-consuming to print and always ended up slightly skewed or looking out of place, ruining the aesthetic they’d worked so hard to create in their branding design.


Well, our tagline, “Eliminate the Label” came up in one of their searches, they jumped on a Zoom call with us to see the roaster-specific version of the PouchMark VERSA tabletop printing system run a live demo, and purchase orders followed.


With a raised platen mount – with a variety of rubber pads to swap in and out depending on bag size – the operator loads or edits the name of the roast and freshness dates on the screen, slides the coffee bag over the pad into position and presses the foot pedal to trigger the print.  Voila, a customized coffee bag that looks completely preprinted…with nary a label in sight.


With 15 ribbon colors to choose from, and the ability to print crisp logos and barcodes in addition to text, this customer has even added a small-batch private labeling arm to its retail business, accelerating their ROI to 1/3 the estimated time.


Eliminate the label with direct-to-pouch variable printing


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