One of the largest fashion brands in the world and their Auto ID partner came to PouchMark with a seemingly impossible task – to revolutionize re-pricing.


A little-known aspect of apparel and accessories retailing is the act of “re-pricing” or re-tagging items once they’ve reached the end of their sales cycle in a given region. For decades, just two options have existed: 1) Print and apply a label to the hang tag with a different price in a different currency; or 2) Replace the tag with a new preprinted tag. These manual procedures cost this customer more than USD $3 million each year to re-price and redirect millions of garments worldwide.

But, what choice did they have? When the multi-billion dollar brand asked their Auto ID provider to go out and develop a solution, they came up empty. Until a mutual colleague told them about PouchMark, a company known for innovative on-demand marking and coding.


Building around PouchMark’s unique VERSA tabletop printing technology, a new design was born specifically for this very specific, critical task – the patent-pending VERSATag.


The system allows the operator to scan the original garment tag, which then pulls the new price in the new currency and displays it on the touchscreen.  The operator places the tag in the adjustable slot, and with the press of a foot pedal, the new price is printed on the tag – without ever removing the tag from the article of clothing.


The ROI on this project for the customer was almost immediate, and more than a dozen new VERSATags were put on order.  This fashion icon’s insistence on finding a better way has opened the door to apparel and accessories manufacturers all over the world to transition their costly and archaic re-pricing and re-tagging procedures to VERSATag, saving billions in the process.

Eliminate the label with direct-to-pouch variable printing


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