A well-known regional candy and nuts brand moved from boxes and heat-sealed bags to zippered pouches, following this global trend. Then, they needed to do the impossible – eliminate labels.


Unless you’re a confectionary company capable of paying hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars to install in-line zippered pouch making machines, you’re stuck applying unsightly labels to your otherwise beautifully designed pouches. Such was the case with a popular mid-western brand of nuts and candies that needed a unique label-less solution from PouchMark.


With one primary pouch design – in the colors the brand was known for – they were able to purchase many thousands of pouches at once, greatly reducing their cost per pouch.  But when it came time to label the bags individually, with the name, ingredients and nutrition facts of each of the hundreds of varieties of nuts and candies they offer, the savings disappeared very quickly.


Their search began for a one-of-a-kind system that could stack, feed and print – in high-resolution and in extremely accurate locations – variable information and images directly onto their zippered pouches. Lucky for them, we’d already invented it – the FLOW 3000 vacuum pick and place zippered pouch feeding and printing system.


The FLOW 3000s they purchased, with a mounted 420cL printer model (4.2” x 10” print area) have enabled them to load and store every product name, ingredients panel and nutrition facts statement they have on the stainless-steel color touchscreen controller that comes with every PouchMark system.  Kept right on the packaging floor, the single operator can create 1 or 10,000 customized pouches as needed with zero waste, in a tenth of the time.  Now that’s pretty sweet;)

Eliminate the label with direct-to-pouch variable printing


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